Monday, 18 December 2017

From on High

Why do we have to have Christmas at such a busy time of year?  All the shops are full of people, the car parks are crowded and schools have lots of events as well.  And this happens every year!

These are some pictures from around First in Switzerland. They we're taken at the start of a really good day walk. I find them calming; which is very useful!  I hope you do to!

Normal service will be resumed soon - if fact I think I many even have a free evening tomorrow - but lets not over plan things!!  You can find more pictures from around the world here at Our World Tuesday. SM

Friday, 15 December 2017

A few in Black and White

There has been a 'thing' doing the rounds of social media about posting a series of Black and White Images from you life / world.

I thought I'd post my images here as well, knowing that not everyone does the social media thing.  These pictures were all taken on a phone and then converted to B/W.  I thought that 'minimal gear' approach suited the 'this is my world' kind of feeling.

Not my 'normal' stuff - but about me none the less.  SM

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Wild Bird Wednesday 281 - Purple / Australasian Swamphen

A few weeks ago I arrived at a new nature reserve, just in time for it to be closed because of the high winds created a danger of falling branches!  I was not best pleased!

So, I set up on the edge of a field where some Purple / Australasian Swamphens were wandering about.  This species of bird has undergone a bit of a taxonomic review of late, and is not considered a full species and goes by the name of Porphyrio melanotus. Most of my books were printed before this change occurred!

Anyway - these are rather large and good value!  And I think that they look rather prehistoric.  I may be well off the mark here, but I suspect that they would make a decent model of some of the huge prehistoric birds that used to roam about and generally be rather frightening!  However, as you can see these birds just eat grass!

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Faces from Oxford

If your week has been anything like mine, it's been busy! Far too much to do!  So, in these situations, I delve back into the 'archives'!

These are some faces I found looking at me from the walls of Oxford during our trip there earlier in the year.  Most of the faces are from around the doors of the Bodleian Library, and the one with the flowers is from Balliol College.

I rather like them, and I wonder who they are.

You can find more pictures from around the world here at Our World Tuesday.